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Cyber-Performance holds endless opportunities, and is, no doubt, the  new medium for theatre and performing arts.

Cyber-performance is accessible to large
audiences and theatre makers as it is not limited by location.

Cyber Performance is the platform for acting, creating, expressing

in todays digital era,

Together with renowned performers, creatives and cyber-performance pioneers  

you will be able to discover and master the magical world of online theatre, also called cyber performance. 

The Cyber Performance Institute is the only and the best performing arts school in the world that focuses on the new platform of online shows utilising multi media and contemporary technology.

We believe in learning by doing, therefore all our programs and courses are hands on!

The one year diploma program is made out of six courses that are delivered live online.

Year One Cyber Performance course will award you a  Cyber-Performance Level 2 certificate.

You will have the knowledge, the confidence and the connections to thrive in the online performance world.

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YEAR one DIPLOMA program- 

YEAR two DIPLOMA program- 


Year two program is open for year one graduates only.

Its is focused on a cyber performance personal  project.

Whether it be a one person show or a group performance, it includes courses in devising  and one-to-one mentoring. with your project presentation as a final result. 

Successful  participation will award you a Cyber-Performance Level 3 Certificate.


Features of the Program

The online performance courses are provided online as a mixture of weekly live zoom meetings with assignments you complete at home, in your own time and at your own pace.

Contributions from leading online performance pioneers.

Access to video content and resources  for year one  and year two students,

Diploma Course

High Definition Video Content
Exclusive Facebook Group

flexible Time zone

Exclusive Facebook group

with students from around the globe.

You have a choice of courses to suit your schedule and your zone time.

Hands on

Work on your

Cyber Performance project 

and career from day 1.

7 Day money back guarantee.

24/7 Support

24-hour student support.

Payment Options

Flexible payment options.

Personal Tutor

Personal tutor in the live sessions

and personal support. 

The one year diploma program

At The Cyber Performance Institute we don't just train you to be an online performer, we help each and every student to access and nurture their own artistic voice and unique creativity. We also teach traditional theatrical art forms and provide our students with the technical and practical skills necessary to translate these into cyber performance.

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Our Online Short Courses are hands-on learning experiences.

We offer unique courses with leading artists and creators from around the globe.


Most courses take place online, once a week, over a 3 month period, so you can easily combine your studies with a busy life / work schedule. 

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The short online courses

The short online courses

The Institute

At the Cyber Performance Institute we offer courses that provides you with all of the training and skills you need to explore, create and take part in the contemporary platform of theatre and performing arts 

(Cyber Performance). This is also known as ''Cyberformance''.

The Cyber Performance Institute is the only performing arts school that integrates physical theatre, traditional visual theatre and performance with modern technology. 

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