The online performer

one year Diploma Program


The Cyber Performance or Online performance is a new field of  alternative performing arts,  as such there is a lot to discover , explore and invent!

This course integrate traditional physical,  visual theatre, puppets, street theatre with online performance.


it will teach you how to translate  a stage performance and skills into cyber , and how to take advantage on the endless possibility of creation it holds.

This course mostly focused on  the performer, technical skills will be kept to  a minimum, however you will need to be open to use some  technology you might not used before. 

Discover how one can use Social media, VR performance venues, conformance calls, 360 degree cameras and cutting age tec to.

how to integrate 360 degree camera in performance, how to perform in Second life ( a VR  world) how to play with and in a virtual festival.

ow can one  use technology in a creative way , in order to create theatre? 


During the course and as a final result you will take part  in a cyber performance , created by the course members. 

By the end of the course you will have a high level of understanding of the online performer role in cyber performance and new media performance, you will have the experience in taking part in a cyber performance and the resuress to keep creating ? participating and developing your career as a performer.


What Is Online Performance - Gain a deep understanding of Unlimited possibilities

Principles of a Cyber Based performance

Working with Virtual Background and Green Screen

Creating seances in Cyber Performance 

Stages Integrations

Performance Jigsure Play

Social Media 

an over view of Technology- VR, 360 Camera etc


Develop the actor's techniques in visual and physical theatre  by the use of technology.

Understanding of how to create a project  and perform in cyber

Understanding the aspects of the online performance 




weekly Zoom Session (recording will be available) ,tasks, assignments, self-studies, teacher-student interaction and others.


Starting Time: 

August - October

October - November

Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of Completion.