Divisng Cyber-Performance

3 month course 

Led by- Nelly Lewis


Using Nelly's 6 Stages Method to stimulate creativity and devise performances, students will have the opportunity to discover how to create a multi-layer performance and use multi stages.

Experience how to devise a cyber play.

Students will be able to create there own short work (solo or group play), while being guided by Nelly and supported by the other class members.


Creativity Keys - Twist and Turn

How to Create  a Cyber Play

The Image Table Technique 

Creating the Performance World 

Creating Choreography 

Combining Stages 

Navigating Live and Recorded Performance

Audience Interaction 

Performance Jigsaw / Puzzle Play

Cyber Performance Production - Materials for Creation


Evoke creativity and self-expression, explore the cyber performance tools in relation to solo / group productions.

Understanding of how to create a project and perform in cyber space.

Understanding aspects of online performance and technological skills that can affect and leverage it.




A weekly zoom session (recording will be available), tasks, assignments, self-studies, teacher-student interaction and others.


Start Dates: 

September- December (Beginners Course)

Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of Completion.  

Nelly Lewis: 

Nelly Lewis is an award-winning physical theatre performer, mentor and immersive experience maker, with over 25 years’ experience as a creator in physical theatre, including mime, puppetry, butoh dancing, directing and choreography.  Nelly is also an innovator in the fusion of performance and cutting-edge technology, such as virtual reality and other immersive / interactive tools as applied to creative productions, forging new creative pathways in our technological age.