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Our Cyber performance courses provides you with all of the training and skills you need to explore, create and take part in the contemporary platform of theatre and performing arts (cyber performance) This is also known as "cyberformance".

The Cyber Performance Institute is the only performing art school that integrates physical theatre, traditional visual theatre and performance with modern technology. We at CPI know that technology holds the key to the renaissance of theatre. Our carefully crafted curriculum will help build your knowledge and skills to enable you to create  and develop your career within the world of cyber performance. 

Learning is done online. When you enroll you receive a username and password, which enables you to log into our secure student site. From there you can access your live online classes or view a recording of the class in case you missed it or want to review it. 

You could liken the the student site to your textbook as it contains all the information you will need to complete each assignment plus a list of related resources. The sessions and technical information are delivered in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner.

Throughout our courses you have access to the safety net and guidance of the team here at Student Support, who you can contact 24/7. 




We have a Facebook Group that we have exclusively designed for our students. This group contains CPI students from across the globe, interacting with each other on all topics covered by our courses. It provides a great opportunity for students to meet fellow students from all over the world, ask questions, share knowledge and experiences, upload work, give and receive feedback, make new friends and talk everything cyber performance!

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I only have good things about to say

about The classes. 

The courses offered on CPI

are good for both seasoned and

new performers looking to expand their

horizons or muster some courage to find an authentic message.

The workshops place emphasis on freeing

yourself of any mental or physical limitation.

In such a climate where creativity feels difficult, the classes have allowed me to step up of my comfort zone and reconnect with a creative spark.

In the latest online performer workshop,

I was able to explore the ways in which

I will be able to create online and what techniques I can bring in as a theatre performer.

The theatrical experience has room to grow on the space of the internet and the workshops really give you a chance to experiment and marry the two mediums.

I highly recommend the courses.

Zoea Tania

CPI student

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A sample from our students  online

creative work

Meet and Learn in Person and Physically 

The CPI Organizes live physical meetings, workshops, retreats and productions lead by our teachers and partners around the world, so if you are interested in meeting in person, having offline class experience and meeting classmates for real - you got it! Our events are a true celebration of creation, partnership and friendship.  

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