Mission & Purpose

We dare to step out of our comfort zone of the traditional theatre onto the cyber stage.
We are not afraid to explore and embrace the change.
We accept the new space for performance, for creation.
We adapt to the new reality and to our new society.
We are committed to update, upgrade, develop and change as true creatives.
We are the only school in the world that focuses on preparing for the new theatre platform, to the new ways of interaction, to the new era of performance and the craft of acting.
Without fear, or thinking it’s now less, we make the less something more.
We are teaching physical and visual theatre, performance at its best, routed in a diverse and rich history. And from the flame of this heritage we are blazing a trail, embracing our digital culture, innovating and bringing culture into the digital era.

We are international, we are free to learn, to exchange knowledge, culture and experiences from and with people from around the world. We believe in good communication.
We dare to do things never done before, we dare explore virgin territories, tools and ways of social communication.
We embrace technology and create in ground-breaking ways. 
Even though there is a history of cyber performance, it is still, as we see it, a virgin space, at least in the eyes of the audience who were not technologically prepared, until now.
There has never been a mass audience for cyber performance.
We are getting ready for a much larger audience as awareness and acceptance grows exponentially. 
This will be on such an enormous scale. Now we can captivate a much larger audience than traditional theatre could ever accommodate. The potential is simply mind blowing! 
We are here to do it! We create shows for the entire world!

We are in a transitional period, a tipping point, and technology is immensely powerful.
The world is going toward technology, towards robotics, towards artificial intelligence and we as humans play a very important part in determining whether we let technology devour us, control us, enslave us , swallow us, make us addicted, make us numb, not present and disconnected; or if we take control and really use technology, technology that already exist, some monstrous tools that are around us, in a positive and humanitarian way.