OnLine Short courses

Our Online Short Courses are hands-on learning experiences.

We offer courses with leading artists and creators from around the globe.

Each course includes practical instruction, group meetings, live interactions and in some cases one-on-one consultations with the instructor.

These courses are available only via the Cyber Performance Institute and you will never find anything like them anywhere else.

Leaning on the traditional art of theatre and performance, all our courses are focused upon creating and working with and on the virtual platform.  Our mentors will give you the most hands-on skills and knowledge you need!

Most short courses take place once a week, live online, during 12- 14 weeks,.

There are some shorter courses  and masterclasses. 

The short courses are being updated on a regular basis.

Online Performance

Nelly Lewis

Cyber performance or online performance is a new field of  alternative performing arts.

As such, there is a lot to discover,  explore and invent!

This course integrates traditional physical theatre, puppetry and street theatre with online / cyber performance.

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Artistic technology

benedict sheehan

This course is about how to use technology within online performance.

From the basics of how to choose and use a projector in your performances, through to how to use online tools to distribute your performances, and not limited to but also including how to create special effects!

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The History Cyberformance

Helen Varley Jamieson

Thanks to the pandemic and its impact on live events, 2020 has become the year that the world discovered
the potential of the internet as a site for live performance, connection and human interaction. Artists have,
of course, been exploring this field for as long as the internet has existed – and even longer.
Cyberformance pioneer Helen Varley Jamieson traces the roots of this emergent art form back to the
1970s and presents some of the significant artists and performances in this lineage.

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Devising Cybeperformance

Nelly Lewis

Using Nelly's 6 Stages Method to stimulate creativity and  devise performances, students will have the opportunity to create there own short work of cyber performance.

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Puppets in (Cyber) Space

Isobel Smith

This course introduces the guiding  principals of puppetry, giving a comprehensive skill set which performers can immediately apply to their own performance practice with confidence.

In the course you will be introduced to the principals of puppetry including, breath, eyes and intention.
We will then explore how these may be applied most effectively within a digital performance setting.

On completion the performer will be confident to use puppetry in their practice and able to understand how to push the possibilities of puppetry and exploit the extraordinary possibilities that online platforms offer.

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