It is the policy of CPI to expressly forbid any forms of harassment. As used here, harassment means any verbal, written, visual, or physical acts that are offensive in nature, intimidating, unwelcome, or that could reasonably be taken as objectionable. Harassment is prohibited on the ground of sex, race, racial or linguistic origin, creed, pregnancy, family status, age, political convictions, disability or citizenship. 


At the CPI our aim is to make the admissions process as simple and accessible as possible. As part of that mission, we are pleased to offer rolling admissions so students can apply to CPI programs at any time, conveniently, through our web site. 

When you apply you may be required to produce satisfactory evidence of your previous qualifications. If requested, this will mean that you must provide the Admissions Office with a clear and legible copy or scan of the original document(s). 



At CPI, we celebrate our diverse international student community. International students visiting our locations should travel on a tourist visa to attend the in class sessions, camps or workshops. When entering the country, students should state that they are attending a recreational workshop/camp. Please make sure the student's passport is valid for at least six months past the intended departure date.

If you are from a country where tourist visas are not easily obtainable, it is possible to ask CPI for a letter to the consulate.

CPI provides a visa support letter only to the students who are fully registered for the program.


Every participant is responsible for their physical condition during CPI programs. 

It is necessary that all Participants have appropriate accident and medical insurance. Participants must take out medical insurance to ensure they are covered during their participation in CPI program (particularly if they have known medical needs that may require attention). The insurance must be valid at the territory of the country where CPI event takes place.



All the CPI Programs are drug and alcohol free. Use or possession of any illegal drug or any alcoholic beverage, attempting to purchase any illegal drug or any alcoholic beverage, or breaking the law in any way will result in immediate expulsion from the program.


Students will be sent home at their family’s expense, and no refund will be provided. The NIPAI upholds a safe learning environment.

We require that all students follow our rules in this regard. Studying at CPI demands the maturity to act responsibly, sensibly, considerately, and cooperatively.


Students are expected to fully participate in the scheduled program including, but not limited to, mandatory attendance at all classes, group meetings, functions, and excursions. Participants are responsible for the general upkeep of their residence hall rooms and property of others, obeying room times, and adhering to the general rules and regulations set forth by the CPI.



All instructors and staff are subject to change. The Institute reserves the right to alter or adjust, at any time, any curriculum outlined in the program description and documents.

CPI reserves the right to alter details of any course or seminar. 

CPI reserves the right to change details of its services, including program, fees, facilities, accommodation, and course dates, where circumstances beyond CPI control necessitate such changes.

Alterations in the course program or a change of course instructor is not grounds for refund or compensation.


To enroll and hold a place in the program, the student should submit a deposit, which is non-refundable and will be applied towards the tuition fee.


The tuition fee is refundable only if CPI cancels the program by subjective decision without a reason and/or without suggesting any alternatives. The discounted prices are non-refundable. 

Should a course or seminar, have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, any participant enrolled on that course will be contacted immediately, and an alternative course, or seminar, place and dates arranged.

In case of non-observance of the Terms and Conditions the participant can be discharged from participation in the CPI program without refunding the payment.

As the exception, due to serious unforeseen circumstances (a serious or significant event which is unforeseen and/or unpreventable, like accident, participant's illness, family situation, refusal or visa denial/delay to a participant by the government bodies, etc.) the possibility to keep participant's registration fee payment, at least partially, for one of the future CPI programs, can be discussed with CPI Board. Each case is considered by CPI Board individually. Formal documentation as the evidence of these circumstances must be presented.

All fees are non-transferable to another Participant.


CPI reserves the right to make necessary organizational changes. In the case that a part of the course is implemented by a partner institution, CPI reserves the right to find a suitable alternative before the beginning or the duration of the course. This shall not entitle participants to cancellation, nor to a reduction in the fees, nor to claims for damages.

CPI reserves the right to cancel in-class at a short notice if classes are unable to be delivered due to illness or are prevented otherwise. The cancelled classes or other events may be replaced by a fill-in teacher, coaching session, distant learning session, or alternative dates suggested. These shall not entitle participants to cancellation, nor to a reduction in the fees, nor to claims for damages.


CPI is not liable in cases where CPI cannot fulfill its obligations due to force majeure events (natural disasters, fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, bad weather conditions, man-made disasters, revolutions, wars, terrorist attacks, restrictive government actions, strikes, technical failures and other similar reasons).


At such cases, CPI will try to do its best to fulfill its obligations and deliver the programs in alternative way. The cancelled classes or other events may be replaced by a distant learning session, or alternative dates of program or other event suggested. These shall not entitle participants to cancellation, nor to a reduction in the fees, nor to claims for damages. ​



Tuition fees must be paid for all CPI courses; these include the course fee and the costs of study materials provided. Advanced payment is not refundable.

Participants are responsible for covering any applicable bank charges when completing their payments for CPI courses. 

The CPI should receive the full tuition fee to enroll student in the program. All banks commissions including the currency conversion should be covered by the payer.


In the case of delayed payment, the participant will be charged interest for delayed payment to the amount of 1,5 % per each delayed day and must also pay a reminder fee. Tuition fees must be paid by means of giro transfer form (bank transfer) to CPI, stating the invoice number, if no other option is given. 

By transferring the fee the Participant confirms that he has familiarized with the Terms and Conditions and agrees to them. The present Terms and Conditions will be considered accepted and come into force at the transfer of complete of partial payment.

The costs of travel, accommodation and meals are not included in the participation fees.


Applications from young participants under 18 for CPI programs are considered each individually, discussed and coordinated with the parents/guardians depending on the program objectives, duration and venue.


According to CPI policy, any participant under 18 requires a letter from a parent/guardian granting permission to participate in CPI programs. The scanned original letter with signature must state the participant's name, her/his date of birth, passport number and the signature of a parent confirming that he/she permits to participate in the program and will cover travel, accommodation, meals, medical insurance and any expenses related to participation in CPI program.





All works created independently by a participant within the course shall remain the intellectual property of CPI.
The participant shall get a written permission from CPI to use and publish works created in frames of the course in any way.

All students works and projects, and copies of them must include the following credit: Produced at the Cyber Performance Institute. ​

CPI reserves free of charge the right to use the works of students in any way and without restriction of time or place, including usage rights in online networks, in particular the Internet. 


All programs and workshops are solely owned and operated by the Cyber Performance Institute.


Copyright on CPI website and in all materials included in it are owned by or licensed to CPI and all rights are reserved.


You must abide by all copyright notices and restrictions contained on the website. You may not copy, distribute, enter into a database, display, perform, create derivative works from, transmit, or otherwise use any materials from the web site, except that you make a reasonable number of machine-readable copies of the web site materials only for personal, non-commercial use, and only if you do not alter the text or remove any trademark, copyright, or other notice displayed on the web site materials.

CPI reserves the right for documenting, archiving and using materials which were produced during the CPI program.

CPI reserve the unlimited right to use any production at their discretion, in its original or edited form, submitted or created by the Participant as the result of participation in CPI programs.

CPI logos or trademarks on the web site are trademarks owned by CPI. You may not use the CPI Trademarks in connection with any product or service that does not belong to us, or in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among users about whether we are the source, sponsor, or endorser of the product or service, or in any manner that disparages or discredits us.



In no event shall CPI be liable to any party for any of the following losses or damages (whether such losses be foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise): losses, damages, injuries, illnesses or violations, loss suffered by third parties, any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential loss or damages arising out of use of CPI site or reliance on any material or services provided, whether or not amended by third parties and regardless of form of action.

​CPI shall be liable only for losses caused by willful or grossly negligent acts of staff or other employees of CPI. Liability for minor negligence, compensation of consequent and properly losses, of lost profits and of losses arising from claims by third parties shall be excluded.  




CPI reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, without providing notice to the Participant. Any amendments shall be posted on CPI website. In the event that we are required to make any significant changes, we shall take reasonable steps to bring these changes to the attention of affected Participants as soon as reasonably practicable. 

In case of non-observance of the Terms and Conditions the participant can be discharged from participation in the event without returning payment.


By using the CPI website (www.thecyberperformaceinstitute,com) and CPI Sources, and the resources and links therein, the user hereby agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement and Disclaimer. The Cyber Performance Institute (CPI) reserves the right to change the terms of this User Agreement and Disclaimer. 

Furthermore, the user acknowledges and accepts that CPI is not responsible for any materials or viruses accessed, located, or stored on other Internet websites, nor is it liable for any inaccurate, defamatory, offensive, or illegal materials found on other Internet websites, and that the risk of injury from viewing, hearing, downloading, linking to, or storing such materials rests entirely with the user.





The CPI website uses browser cookies. We reserve the right to use cookies or other software in the future to track site traffic in certain areas without explicit notice. Examples of those areas include, but are not limited to, database interactives, gallery work samples, and the online capabilities for financial donations.


Personal Information

CPI will not obtain personal information about a user who accesses the CPI website unless the user chooses to provide such information. However, if a user sends an e-mail message or completes a web form that collects personal information, CPI may retain the user’s e-mail address and personal information as appropriate for official business purposes. CPI does not sell, rent, or share email addresses or personal information with any other businesses. CPI may also use this information for its annual contribution drive.



The CPI website may use software to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, to cause harm, or otherwise to damage the website. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this server are strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use, tampering with, or modification of this system, including supporting hardware or software, may subject the violator to criminal and civil penalties. In the event of unauthorized intrusion, all relevant information regarding possible violation of law may be provided to law enforcement officials.