The online performer

one year Diploma Program


Cyber performance or online performance is a new field of alternative performing arts. As such, there is a lot to discover, explore and invent!

The one year program integrates traditional physical theatre, visual theatre, puppetry and street theatre with online performance and cutting edge technology.


During the year you will learn how to act, create and perform in the digital era. You will know how to take advantage of the endless possibility of creation that technology holds.

During the year we will be focused on you as the performer. Technical skills will be kept to a minimum, however, you will need to be open to use some  technology you might not have used before, as we will discover software and immersive technology tools to support your work as a performer. 

By the end of the course you will have a high level of understanding of the role of a cyber and new media performer.  You will have experience in taking part in a cyber performance and the resources to keep creating in this exciting field. You will also have the option to join year two that focuses on creating a large scale cyber performance and supporting you in developing your career as a performer.

All Year One students receive with there tuition-

 VR headset, 360 degree Camera, Green screen and access to Software and Apps  that will be explored during the year.


What Is Online Performance? Gain a deep understanding of the unlimited possibilities

Principles of a cyber-based performance

Stages integration

Performance jigsure play

Social media and the use of marketing for cyber performance

An overview of technology- VR, 360 Camera, friendly apps, etc

The history of cyber performance

Puppetry, street theatre, clown work, mime and movement for cyber performance


Develop the actor's techniques in visual and physical theatre by and with the use of technology.

Understanding of how to create a project and perform in cyberspace

Understanding the aspects of online performance 




As a year one student, you will learn one to two days a week- The online performer+ Divising for Cyber performance/immersive story telling and as an extra you will have access to masterclass throughout the year. You will also have access to the students' website area where you can access your weekly Zoom sessions (recording will be available), tasks, assignments, self-studies and other useful resources.

+Each year we hold a live offline retreat.  

The retreats take place in beautiful locations and are an opportunity to meet teachers and fellow students in person.The retreats are an intensive learning experience, that are fun, inspiring and life changing. The retreats are optional for students and are not included in the year's tuition.


term times: 

September/October- December

January -March


Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of  Level 2 in Cyber Performance.